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Lori Hussle Levine
Sep 12, 2017
My sweet friend Janay brought joy to so many. She never met a stranger and was the kind of friend we were all lucky to have. We have made great memories that will live on forever and laughed until our tummies hurt. She always knew how to make everyone happy. If I could speak to her today, I would tell her how much I appreciate her for years of good advice, raising my spirits, and for being there to listen to me vent about things that now don't even seem to matter. I'd tell her what a great mom I think she is how her children and grandchildren are amazing people because of her. I'd tell her how much I love her! I'd drag her on another girls weekend trip with Kelly so we could have a... great adventure together again. We will always remember snorkeling in Key West and almost diving onto a nurse shark, the crazy fun on Duval street, the time she was worried about not getting back over the Mexican border when she forgot her ID. She was worried because she had darker skin than a lot of people from Mexico. So she made this really crazy face that we called "the Mexico face". Kelly and I still make that face today and it will always bring back fond memories of our dear friend. She will always be with us. My thoughts are with all of the family and friends who are suffering from losing such a rare precious gem. Now she is a diamond in the sky and I will always look up and think of her. Note to Janay: This does not seem real, so I'll see you in my dreams. Forever in my heart, my friend!Read more

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